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It was another record-breaking night for Cristiano Ronaldo, even though the greatest attempts of Robbie Keane.
The Juventus forward netted four objectives as Portugal beat on Lithuania to take his overall tally to 25 in qualifying – two over the prior record.
Before the match, Keane requested Ronaldo to”depart this one” after pointing out that the five-time Ballon d’Or winner was two goals away from his record.
“I believe you have sufficient documents, Cristiano!” Keane joked on Instagram.
But after scoring against his 150th team for club and country, there wasn’t any quitting Ronaldo netting his eighth and stealing the limelight.
Ronaldo can also be the first objectives for his country and has scored 16 behind the world record of Iran legend Ali Daei, 93 goals in men’s soccer.
The 34-year-old is the leading scorer in European Union.
He’s netted 34 goals in total – including nine in tournaments, and it can be a joint-record with Frenchman Michel Platini.
Those goals arrived throughout Portugal campaign – 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016 – with a single in four successive championships three years back.
No other European has scored more goals in international fittings, together with Ronaldo netting 72, including a hat-trick from the Nations League Finals when he set three past Switzerland at the previous four at June and the first goal.
And his tally of 30 targets in European World Cup qualifying is another record.
While playing for clubs and nation ronaldo has netted.
Just under a third of these have been contrary to other countries (40), while only 17 have been in friendly games.
The five-time Ballon d’Or winner has a knack for rendering it late also.
He’s scored more goals with his mind (25) than using his left foot (22) and in the 61 games he has scored at, Portugal have gone on to drop only five of them, winning 51.
Interestingly – out of penalty shootouts – Ronaldo has never shopped against European giants France, Germany, Italy or England.
He’s scored five goals against Sweden, Armenia, Latvia and Andorra – more than any other state.
The Daei, that played 2007 and 1995 of iran, is the sole player in men’s soccer to own outscored Ronaldo on the worldwide stage.
His tally of 109 goals in all games, including friendlies, is 16 over Ronaldo’s 93 in 160 looks.
Before proceeding to the United Arab Emirates A captain of Iran, Daei played for clubs Bayern Munich and Hertha BSC.
Daei scored 20 goals in 18 appearances and he netted double figures from 2004 and 2000, 2001.
From the end of the 1996 Asian Cuphe had scored 29 goals in 38 appearances for Iran and he was top of the scoring charts at the end of their 1998 World Cup qualifying campaign.
In a World Cup qualifier , he scored four goals against Laos in November 2004 and became the first male player to score a century of goals in global competition.
Ronaldo does not seem like slowing down any time and that he stated he managed to play for another seven years the past year.
“At this time I’ve got a biological age of 23. I’ve still got a long time , I will keep playing until I am 41,” he said in May.
If that’s the situation, Ronaldo may be competing in two European Championships 3 Nations Leagues and two World Cups – not to mention qualifying suits across friendlies and those tournaments between.
He already has four qualifying games lined up in October and November.
At a speed of more than 1 goal in each two games, Ronaldo may need 32 matches to break Daei’s all-time record.
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